Last night Melanie and I went to Pancho Villa for the award-winning deliciousness. As you may know, it's not unusual for somebody to be standing in the back playing a guitar. However, the dude playing the guitar last night was Beck. The normal mariachi guy was there and was looking PISSED (I should've gotten a photo of him sulking in the front).

It was neat because I got the sense that most of the people in Pancho Villa didn't even know who Beck was. He was singing while people were eating their burritos, making trips to the salsa bar, walking around him to get to the bathroom, etc. In fact, he was largely ignored, just like everyone else who sings in the back at Pancho Villa. The lesson here: even a celebrity can't distract you from a Pancho Villa burrito.

Good to hear he got a chance to take a break from his OT training to pick up some honest-to-God street cred. Hopefully the people passing him up for the chipotle salsa didn't excite his engrams into a froth of reactive thought. We're sure that afterwards, he walked over to 16th and Mission and successfully freed someone from the evils of drugs by introducing them to Narconon.

Photo and scoop apparently by David Goguen by Jason Maxham (thanks, Dennis!).