Are you kidding? Of course we were at the BayFF on Bloggers' Rights. We'd like to say that we were there because we were dying to hear the roundtable discussion on legal issues surrounding blogging, but we were mainly there to support SFist Jackson, who managed not to mention crack this time in his role as panelist.

It's probably a good thing we weren't there out of our desire to be educated on blogging and the law, because, as Christiana points out, very little of the discussion had much to do with the advertised topic. Then again, we all know rules are for The Man, so maybe a more free-flowing event is just what the EFF was planning on.

High points of the night were the non-ironic use of the term "Zen Master" by Danah Boyd (Where do we get one of those? Do we have to stop hating everyone to get one?), the relaxing sensation that Dan "Complete Sentences" Gillmor's Keilloresque responses invoked in us, occasional SFist Violet Blue's sock garters, and the fact that our boy Jackson got the biggest laughs of the night. We swear we were laughing with you, not at you, West.

Our new pal Brian Shields also blogged the event, and Laughing Squid's Scott Beale took a bunch of pictures, one of which we used above.