SFist works so hard for you, San Francisco, that when we're not blogging here, we're off blogging somewhere else (and sometimes even getting work done at our day jobs). And sometimes we get ideas from each other. For instance, we found what may be our new favorite website over at SFist Cedric's Le Blog de San Francisco.

Burrito Eater is like our own Slice NY but for burritos! These folks have gone to something like a hundred taquerias around San Francisco and rated their burritos on a scale of zero to ten moustaches. One of the worst, La Placita in Portola:

This flat, narrow lump of food effortlessly replicated that distinctly fresh-from-the-microwave taste you thought only came from the frozen food aisle. Most tragically, however, were the unmelted slices of Borden cheese-food that helped cough up what was without doubt San Francisco's most undesirable super carne asada burrito. (They didn’t even have the good sense to use jack; it was American). You may be better off checking dumpsters behind Jack In The Box. Token positive comment: Their green sauce packed a real wallop.

You can see taquerias sorted by name, neighborhood, rating or the number of visits. They also link to the latest health department report right there with the review. You can also subscribe to their email newsletter, the Intestinal Apocalypse Monthly. Not to gloat, but our own favorite Taqueria San Francisco currently sits atop the heap with a rating of 8.81 moustaches after seven visits.