Foodies! As we've been interviewing the new crop of SFist foodies we've noticed a foodie trend: they don't like burritos. We can't cite a systemic cause for foodie disdain of an SF staple, but we think Sam Breach's disdain might be attributed to her love of Marmite. That's right Marmite, the tasty yeasty distillation of meatiliciousness that is beloved by no one. Except those who carry a British passport.

Jokes about English food aside, Sam Breach has demonstrated that her love of Marmite has not totally addled her tastebuds. As she leads the charge of eating through the city "A to Zed" (that's Z for those who aren't anlgophiles), Sam has proven that there may in fact be more to life than a good burrito. But not much.