Ooops, maybe the Outback people did not know that the week-end dim sum crowds park in their lot. Maybe they look back and forth at the dining room and the lot and think, with a finger on their chin: mmmm, more cars than people, they sure should carpool more. We do hope they don’t start towing away these minivans replete with 3 generations of Chinese-American people, which overflow from Koi Palace. Koi Palace is a family place and it isn’t exactly a secret. It isn’t easier to get a table there than at the other famous dim sum emporiums, the Mayflowers, Yet Wahs, Ton Kiangs and Yank Sings.

But let’s get this out of the way immediately: we like it better than all these. We’d call it the best dim sum in the bay, but we hear we should try Millbrae’s Hong-Kong Flower Lounge before making such statement.