The neighbors have spoken, and it's all over for the kids at Cal Berkeley's Le Chateau co-op (called an "Animal House" in the East Bay Express). Friend of SFist Patricia Johnson penned a beautiful elegy published by the Pacific News Service:

I remember a morning when The Naked Guy quietly walked into the dining room and delicately put a small towel down on his chair before joining me for breakfast and a section of the newspaper.

I remember how clean the house would be right before a big party -- as everyone (well, almost everyone) chipped in to create the zone.

I also remember the summer one resident adopted a runt pig named Bella that roamed the main house second floor. In a moment of poor judgment, the resident fed her magic mushrooms. Bella stumbled, snorting and scared, past my room, tripping out on the graffiti-covered walls that will be painted over this summer.

A center for student activism on campus after the closure of the Barrington Hall, the co-op worked on the principles established by the residents of Rochdale, England in 1844. The complex will be closed this summer for renovations, and then re-opened as graduate student residences. A judge ordered that the University Students Cooperative Association pay $32,000 in damages to settle small-claims disputes with neighbors.