As an incoming student to California College of the Arts' grad program, we hopped on the chance to meet and greet while scoping out the competition, by infiltrating CCA's MFA Thesis Show opening this past Friday night.

We arrived at CCA just as the party of merry revelers swelled to near explosive proportions. Wading through the throes of young, beautiful art kids squealing with accomplishment (relief!) and air kissing one another with abandon, we pined for our own undergraduate art school days gone-by while snaking in anonymity to see what we could of the show. Artfully dodging the security guard making half-hearted attempts to close the galleries, we were able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say. To each his own, though, so visit CCA's 2005 MFA Thesis Exhibition from now until it closes on May 21st, and tell 'em the new girl sent you.

Image of Isaac Lin's greenflorescentpinkorangebrownyellow

SFist Sarah, contributing