The irrepressible Mr. P.J. Corkery asks the question on everyone's mind -- what's on Gavin Newsom's iPod? Well, after some hemming and hawing ("I don't have time to download 99 cent tunes," "this iPod is just like being a mayor -- lots of diverse music!", "the acoustics in my mayor's office are great! I don't like earphones"), Newsom coyly reveals the following:

So I've got Andrea Bocelli ... Sade ... Jerry Garcia, of course ... Emmylou Harris ... Alanis Morissette ... AC/DC ... Prince ... John Mayer ... Gosh, there's a lot of country music here... John Mellencamp ... Linda Ronstadt ... John Denver ... Placido Domingo ... Rascal Flatts. ... Jane's Addiction. Lots of Jane's Addiction. ...

Wow, Jane's Addiction -- edgy! Does anyone else remember that hilarious SF Weekly article asking for Newsom and Gonzalez's top 5 albums, where Gonzalez's favorite album was by John Coltrane and Newsom was listening to "KFOG: Live from the Archives"?

Give us your suggestions for what Newsom should be downloading in the comments! We'll go with the country Muzik Mafia's Cowboy Troy's "I Play Chicken with the MUNI."