Surely Ethan and we (Cecilia?) are not the only people who are annoyed all to s**t by this TV spot about a strange cube-worker who is driven into an insane rage by the cleaning crew who dares to change the station on her sad little radio. She even announces "Forget to vacuum, I don't care! But don't mess with my radio station!"

Needless to say, when she has to do those office surveys where they ask you if you're a "chief decision maker", we're thinking that maybe she marks "no", because her sentiments is not shared by most office managers we know.

We sense a strange subtext to this commercial, as sort of class-warfare between cube folks and those who clean up their messes, KOIT's idea of morlocks and eloi, ending with her bizarre announcement that she's affixed a post-it on her radio warning them not to change the station.

Putting ourselves in her place, we understand that it would be annoying to have our personal property used by someone else, especially if they fail to leave it the way they found it. But did you see the insane glint in her eye? Someone needs to tell her to relax, it's no big deal, and to be happy that her office pays for someone to clean up after her post-it crazy a**.