You read that headline right. The Albion Castle, a structure which dates to 1870 and was a brewery right up until prohibition, is being put on the market by it's owner in a real estate auction. For the last few years, it has served as a home, an event space, and the tech support headquarters of Laughing Squid -- who recently held their launch party for the new blog, where SFist fell in love with the building and its vast potential for artsy-fartsiness.

We contacted Paul De Jong (via the Laughing Squid help desk, ticket number JJN-89155, as kind of a joke), who's currently staying there until he's officially evicted at the end of the month. He said that after prohibition, the building (which once extended to the road fronting India Basin) was converted into a single family home and studio by a sculptor in 1939. After the jump: why you should buy it, why you should hope nobody buys it even if you can't, and why even if you did buy it, you couldn't really do anything with it.

Photo by Niall Kennedy.