So whatever happened to those 135 people who ran for governor in the 2003 recall election? Well, a bunch are in the Bay Area news today! Cue up the end-of-the-movie montage music!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who won, snuck back into San Francisco yesterday to give a speech to the newspaper publishers' convention. Never fear, the nurses found out about it in time to send 100 protestors out to the Fairmont. You can tell he was upset because he made that same lame joke about seeing protests when he proposed to Maria Shriver. Tiii-red. Also, he's spending all day today apologizing for frightening his handlers by saying we should "close the borders" to Mexico. Oops!

And how about that Scott Davis, the recall candidate from Palo Alto, running as an independent to promote organ donation? Yeah, we didn't remember him either -- until it was revealed today that he might be close to being arrested for a 1996 murder in Atlanta, of a guy who was dating Scott's ex-wife. Doh!

In other non-Bay Area candidate updates: Mary Carey the porn star was arrested in a raid last week at a strip club in Washington State. Gary Coleman's been attending the Michael Jackson trial. No word on what the ferret guy's been up to, though.