So we're pro-union, as you well know. Which means we're on the side of labor in the ongoing hotel disupte -- just like Gavin! Which means we support the union's efforts to starve management by asking conference organizers not to book San Francisco hotels, even though some of those arrangements were made months before there was any public talk of a strike, lockout or boycott.

Being pro-union, we also love public television. Especially the stuff produced right here in San Francisco by KQED and ITVS. So what happens when your left-leaning public television production companies schedule a conference at a hotel embroiled in a labor dispute? It's not like they have the money to just cut and run, since both organizations are increasingly relying on foundation grants and donations as opposed to government funding.

ITVS, who are hosting this year's INPUT conference, says the show must go on. The INPUT conference, which is a six day affair bringing together public television producers from over sixty countries, is being held in San Francisco for the first time. It just happens to be during a labor dispute. So ITVS says they are working with Unite Here Local 2 to address the issue, planning panels on both the issues surrounding hotel labor as well as labor organizing efforts in general. They better pray that there's no active picket when attendees show up on May 1st, though -- we imagine the conference could come to a screeching halt, since how many independent media producers are going to cross a picket line?