So good luck dealing with any state agencies tomorrow -- they'll be shut down in observance of Cesar Chavez Day (though that could all change if the Governator has his way). So if you just have to find State Comptroller Steve Westly, he'll probably be sipping cocktails at the 19th Green somewhere -- we mean, uh, reflecting upon and honoring the life of one of America's greatest folk heros on what would be his 78th birthday. However, if you really want to pester Barbara Lee, she'll be the Grand Marshall at the Cesar Chavez Day Parade on Sunday. Featuring music by Caminante, Bayonics, Los Mocosos, Jorge Santana and Bandido, as well as food, arts and crafts, it starts at 11:00am at Justin Herman Plaza and will begin down Market to Civic Center Plaza at noon. Feliz Cumpleaños, Cesar! Si se puede!

While we're sure lots of folks will be wearing culturally-relevant costumes to highlight diversity and get in touch with their roots on Sunday, Friday is a whole other story. Also starting at Justin Herman Plaza around noon will be the annual St. Stupid's Day Parade, put on by the First Church of the Last Laugh. Where a funny costume and act like an freak -- or, in other words, pretend you're at the Power Exchange. We're going to guess that there will probably be nudity, and some drunkenness, and definitely goofy music. There's also a bunch of stuff going on that evening, including a Church of the Subgenius party at the 12 Galaxies. Cut yourself some slack!