We're not being dramatic or anything, but we've had the flu for a week now, with massive pain behind our eyeballs and pretty much zero appetite. But you can't all come over and take care of us as we sit on the couch and watch television with us. No, some of you have to go out and see live theater. So we've made it off our deathbed and crawled over to the computer to post these listings for you. This is how much we love you.

at the Exit
We're remiss that we haven't been to a Crowded Fire show yet -- we hear wonderful things about the company. What's more, one of our friends from past Impact shows, the very talented Alex Creighton, is one of the company members. She also happens to be featured in this new CF show by Liz Duffy Adams, who just won the prestigious Will Glickman award for her play Dog Act, which ran at Shotgun last year in conjunction with Playwrights Foundation, which also codeveloped One Big Lie, this time with Crowded Fire. (Relate: friend of SFist Karen McKevitt writes about the wonder of theatrical collaborations in Theatre Bay Area Magazine.) One Big Lie is described as "a musical fable that pits gods against mortals in a search for ultimate truth that takes us from the ancient world to a future that seems all too familiar." Intrigued? So are we. Pay-what-you-can preview tonight (normally $15-20), opening tomorrow, then Thursdays-Saturdays through April 16.

More things that are better than sitting home on the sofa with a fever (we're not being dramatic!) after the jump...

One Big Lie