Eric McFaden and Wally Ingram/Gabby La La
March 12, 2005
12 Galaxies
San Francisco

They came to see Les Claypool, many oblivious to who the main act was. But what they got was Gabby La La, a one-woman dynamo who plays no less than seven instruments astonishingly well (electric sitar, accordion, toy piano, ukulele, electric guitar, Theremin and tap shoes) and who comes across like a mash up of Hello Kitty and Yoko Ono. Many of the Claypool/Primus fans at this small club struggled with La La’s quirky banter and cutesy persona, and struggled even more with her voice -- a high pitched instrument reminiscent of Minnie Mouse that makes you long for the mellow sounds of The Plastic Ono Band. But La La can rock and draw the funk out of unfunky instruments like the ukulele. So it was clear why Claypool was here in this tiny club playing bass for her and why he’s made her the first non-Primus-related act signed to his record label.

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