The story began two years ago when Nome fell and couldn't get up, breaking her legs. Her legs were set and she was sent to a convalescent home and somewhere along the way, lost the use of her legs. For whatever reason, she was sent to the hospital in 2004 (why she was hospitalized is in dispute, as Nome claims she got lousy care at the home and was kidnapped and the hospital claims she was abusive and sent her to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation). Since Kaiser doesn't pay for convalescent care, she can't get the type of care she needs and she can't go back to the home where she was before due to her lawsuit. And so there she lies, saying that she shouldn’t be forced to leave because she has nowhere else to go and that she's spent enough money on Kaiser over the years to stay where she is. Kaiser argues that she’s taking the bed from people who might need it and that she owes them over a million dollars for her year-long care.

Uplifiting, inspirational, soon-to-be-a-major-motion-picture-starring-Julia Roberts-story about a woman taking on evil health care providers?

Err, maybe not.

Image of Sarah Nome from SFGate