We all know it -- bloggers really be such bitches (buy your SFist t-shirt bearing said message right here right now!) -- so guess who's the City's newest entrant in the blogrolls? That's right -- our favorite hothead, Chris Daly! (Thanks to Usual Suspects for the link!)

Like Jerry Brown, Daly's started off strong, lashing out at "downtown interests," the Chronicle, and linking to articles listing the number of times he's been mocked by the Chronicle. (Also, an awesome picture of C. Daly carrying books into his office.) Unlike typepadder Jerry, though, Daly's running his blog off the sfgov.org computer, which makes it look less like a blog and more like a newsletter -- meaning, among other things, that you can't leave comments. Aw, come on!! Chris, have you considered a switch to Movable Type?

Especially with the Usual Suspects' other news that Bay Blogger alum Adriel Hampton's hanging up his Body Politic gig at the Ex for a job with the City Attorney's office (what? no!!), we'll definitely be putting the DalyBlog into our favorites folder. (Hey, do you think Daly will qualify for a SFPD press pass?)