Only three chances left to see Circo Zero perform at Dance Mission and it is not to be missed. An amalgam of circus, performance art, political commentary, with juxtapositions between angelic virtuosity and the visceral ugly nature of humanity, it is part comedy and part tragedy; the duality of being an artist trying to speak truth in times of cynicism and deceit.

Keith Hennesy, choreographer and director of Circo Zero, launches the performance by pissing vinegar, not literally, in the alleyway next to Dance Mission (thanks to the Director of Dance Brigade, Krissy Keefer, the studio and performing arts venue is still around). Keith rants a fuck-you letter to the current administration and corporations benefiting from the war in Iraq. Yeah, we've heard this now a half million times since 9/11, but none from a man in a bridal gown hanging from a fire escape and sipping and spitting vinegar not feet away from the audience who were encouraged step up close enough to smell it. Not entirely sure what it meant, only that Keith was pissed, but we couldn't help but think during his performance that we haven't been eating enough salad these days.