SFist enjoys the who big-ass spectacle that is the Oscars, but we have to admit that we've always been really bad at seeing the nominated movies. They all just look so, we don't know, educational or something! Assuming you're not quite as dumb or lazy as we are, perhaps you've seen all the nominated films already. But if you haven't, SFist has you covered.

Many of the nominated films are still in theaters, so you can see them as they're intended (and in the way that most Academy voters, with their screener DVDs, do not). The lovely Presidio Theatre is showing three nominated films, 11-time nominee including Best Picture , 7-time nominee including Best Picture Finding Neverland, and 3-time nominee Hotel Rwanda. Sure, you could see these movies in a MegaMultiMassive-Plex, but the Presidio is such a great deco gem that we don't really see why you would.

If we haven't reminded you enough, the reportedly last movie our beloved Coronet Theater will ever show is Million Dollar Baby (7 nominations including Best Picture), so this is your chance to be part of San Francisco Cinema history. If you see this movie this weekend, don't you dare see it anywhere besides the Coronet.

Wierd picture of Oscar maybe playing Charades from these guys, who we suspect stole it from someone else, but we're not the Internet Cops, so we'll leave it at that.

The Aviator