Although Christopher is way too diplomatic to play favorites with Lookout’s current roster of artists, he does have a few tips to local artists, as well as other ideas about what to do in this fair city of ours.

SFist Interview
Christopher Appelgren

Introduce yourself in one sentence
Hello, my name is Christopher and I am very happy to meet you.

Age and Occupation
I am 31 years old and I own and am the president of Lookout Records. I am also sometimes a rock performer, an artist and a businessman.

What's the best thing about running a label out of the Bay Area?
It is the most incredible place to live. Real and important culture develops here without interference, it's a great juxtaposition of lifestyles and geography and we have the respect of the rest of the world without sucking up to get it.

What's your view about the current music scene here?
The San Francisco music scene is vital, fun and varied.

What could be done to improve it?
There should be more of a connection between San Francisco and the East Bay and then furthermore the outlying cities and areas outside of the city proper. There is so much going on that together would be a powerful network of bands, venues, shows, and personalities if we could get it together.

What are some Lookout bands that we should be checking out? Any other local bands you'd recommend?
I think you should check out all the Lookout bands, local and otherwise. But aside from that, I think that The Saviors, Comets On Fire, Brilliant Red Lights, Nervous Breakdowns, Communiqué, The Monolith are all fine examples of our amazing local music scene with emphasis on rock. It's the same story that every town tries to sell you, we have the most amazing bands but San Francisco has such an incredible heritage of either being the birthplace or scene of the most revolutionary music happenings.