So our friends at Beau Bonneau Casting are at it again. This time they're not looking for skinny hipsters, but for 'drag queens.' There are few casting calls that SFist would really want to go to, and that sure as hell would be one of them. The thought of a mass of fame-w**ring, star-f**king San Fran super-divas in size thirteen heels cat-fighting over roles as extras seems a lot more entertaining than Rent ever will be.

Interested Drag Queens must be available for an interview with the film’s director this Monday afternoon, February 28 and extra work on/around March 21, 2005 in San Francisco!..

If you are available, local, and at least 18 years old, we need the following info ASAP:
* 1 or more color photos of you in drag. If you have a website, be sure to include a link. Please note: Your photos will not be returned!
* 2 Contact Phone Numbers
* Height and Weight

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS & INFO ASAP to: [email protected]

So let's see, they're looking for photos of available, local queens who aren't underage to "interview with the film's director," eh? Photos will not be returned? Wow, we didn't know Chris Columbus swung that way. Anyway, now we know why Gothamist Jen is so pissed Rent is being filmed here -- we're pretty sure that Rudy Giuliani would have showed up for an audition!

Photo of the gorgeous and talented Nikki Star from Heklina.com -- check out her "Is It Live or Is It Memorex?" show at The Stud on Tuesday!

Ed. Note: Okay, we'll retire that joke now.