He's quit his job and is attempting to pursue maintaining his site as a full-time venture. More power to him, we say. He's looking for a few (well, probably a few thousand) good patrons, so he can do it without advertising. If you the recent KQED drive went by without getting a pledge call from you, like it did with us, here's something else you can do and know that you're a patron of the arts. Seriously, when was the last time you got to be called a patron for a contribution of as little as, say, a buck?

We know a ton of other bloggers -- well, probably hundreds of tons of bloggers, at, say, an average of 142 pounds per blogger -- have had little donation buttons on their sites for years. But to our knowledge, none of them has attempted to make their blogs their sole (or at least majority) livelihood, and none of them has had either the longevity or readership that Kottke has. Remember, this could be you someday, and you'll be thanking Kottke for trying it first.