Sometimes, SFist likes to dress up as a pretty, pretty princess. We're so cute afterall. When we're really feeling pathetic we put on our old prom dress, the one we wore when we lost our virginity like the cliche we are, and remember the good old days of drinking under the bleachers and cutting class to go to the mall. Why, yes, we did grow up in Mayberry, why do you ask?

The Princess Project is a 100% volunteer effort to provide free prom dresses and accessories to San Francisco Bay Area girls who could not otherwise afford them. The Princess Project collects new and nearly new formal dresses and accessories from women, girls, and companies throughout the Bay Area, and distributes them free of charge to Bay Area girls at a fun-filled event in the spring.

The Princess Project will be having a fundraiser on February 24th at 6pm at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. Admission is $15. There's a cash bar, DJ and silent auction. And no, formal wear is not required.