So apparently the San Francisco school board held some public meetings to decide on the start of the new school year. Before Labor Day? After Labor Day? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Everyone was pretty much in agreeance agreement agreeance over starting school the week before Labor Day until several parents raised their objections. Turns out it would interfere with the start of Burning Man and well, the parents didn’t want readin’, ritin’ and rithmetic to get in the way of little Timmy and little Susie missing out on mud baths, raves, and art installations. While not official, the School Board is probably going to go with the pre-Labor Day opening.

The result of this in the blogosphere has been lots of eye rolling and “only in San Franciscocomments. SFist would normally make a snarky comment about all of this but frankly, this one is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Other bloggers have been pointing out that the start of Burning Man has caused problems with those college age burners. School usually starts around the same time and many students have to decide whether to go to Burning Man and possibly get dropped from classes they want or go to class and miss out on all the Burning Man fun. Says one poster to a LiveJournal message board:

"This past weekend, I was down at the Burning Man offices doing data entry for the Census and we all had a pretty good chuckle at the random person who commented, Could you make the event earlier, it conflicts with the start of school." At the same time they wrote, `More anarchy!`"


Ed. Note: Sorry, we weren't in on the joke.