Snarkity snark snark, ya know? Fetch the comfy chair.

Anyways, it seems only right that the Essefficist bring you crucial information about tasty, locally produced, cooling treats as we enjoy this unseasonably warm weather. So let's hear from S, who writes,

What's up with It's-Its? I've been a fan of them for many years, but I can only seem to find them at random Albertson's and the Mill Valley Market. I could've sworn that sometime in the distant past (read: elementary school) I had an It's-It with mint ice cream instead of vanilla, but I've only seen the regular vanilla variety recently. Do It's-Its come in different flavors (or was that just a figment of my imagination)? Where did they come from (since they seem to be a local invention)? And, most importantly, is there a reliable place to get them in the East Bay (I need to keep my habit satisfied)? Thanks!

Mmm... the Essefficist also has fond memories of chomping on It's-Its on youthful afternoons whilst enjoying the halcyon -- nay, salad -- days of our childhood growing up here in the child-rearing haven that is the Bay Area. (Although maybe the cookie part of the It's-It seemed a tiny bit too oatmealy when we got older. But don't get us wrong -- they're still real good.) It's funny that S has only vague notions of the mint chip It's-It, since that's the one that stands as the apotheosis of all that is It's-It for us here at the Essefficist.

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