If you don't know the legend of the East Bay Rats Motorcycle Club, think of it as having an aesthetic somewhere between Mad Max and Edward Gorey. Rather than tricked-out Harleys with glitter paint, the Rats take pride in cobbling choppers together from as many different bikes as possible, and then spray paint them in flat black. It's part of the grand tradition of California car-modding artistry Tom Wolfe philosophized about. Little did he know that a generation after The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby they'd be installing a stripper pole into the roof of dented muscle car, with burlesque dancers riding atop it into a throng of people to the accompaniment of a marching band. You heard us right.
Pictured above are Inspector Double Negative and the Equal Positives rocking an entire warehouse. Pictures of bikers, strippers and chicks fighting after the jump.