Wow, this news just keeps getting older. We were aghast, we were agog, and now were still awaiting. From that nation up north that brought you irresistibly spiffy furniture with funny names: more mass-produced madness! H&M (aka, Hennes and Mauritz) has long been a mecca for impoverished fashionistas across Europe, and the chain opened a string of much-hyped branches in NYC a few years back (our friends at Gothamist can vouch for the madness that ensued). This week's East Bay Express and SF Weekly feature splashy full-color ads for job recruiting sessions, with the implication that the westernmost branch of the store will be opening in SF....soonish. Until then, the closest branch is over in Chicago, where the weather is currently 17 degrees (feels like 6).

SFist Connie, reporting.