When the weather gets as ugly as it's been recently, you just gotta find a place that feels like home. No, not that 200 square foot dump you call an apartment. We're talking wood, fire, booze and candles. The kind of place that makes you feel like bringing your own blanket and taking a nap in the little nook between the jukebox and the men's room. Okay, maybe not, but even stil, 'homey' is what it's all about this time of year (clown jokes aside).

Glen Park Station, just down the street from... (wait for it) Glen Park Bart station is a really, really, REALLY comfortable bar. When you walk in, it really doesn't feel like you're anywhere near San Francisco. From the locals hanging out to the complete and total unsophistication of the place (that's a good thing, trust us), Glen Park is the easiest getaway available when you're tired of local hipsters and trying to fit into some kind of 'scene'.

Sure, you may get the occasional dirty look from someone slightly irked that you're sitting in the seat they've occupied for the last 50 years, but overall the staff and customers couldn't be nicer. They've got a decent beer selection, a trivia night and enough Single Malt scotch to drive any storm system away.

So when the rain starts coming down again, bolt to the nearest Bart station and take a mini-vacation south. Glen Park may not be quite as warm as Acapulco or Rio, but it is just slightly easier to get to.

Liver... Out!!!