SFist loves us some writers. And by writers, we mean "bombers," "graffitos," "vandals,", "artists," what have you. One in particular caught our eye on our travels around the city -- that inimitable man of mystery wielding grease pens, Neck Face. We've seen his tag from the Haight to the Mission and most everywhere in between. Then, last year, we started seeing it on the innerweb in places like New York, Boston, LA and Tokyo. The kid gets around.

If you're one of the many Californians who subscribe to the New Yorker (and there are more subscribers here than in New York, thank you very much), then you might have caught word of him in "Talk of the Town" last April.

Well, Mr. Face is currently in town wreaking havoc on bare surfaces, promoting his book and showing his work at The Luggage Store, where it will be on display until February 5th.

Photo of Neck Face painting by Claudine of Memory and Desire.