However, litigation seems to be afoot from a number of sides, so no one we contacted was willing to comment. In any case, we were at Saturday's protest organized by Audiences in Action and headed by Monica Nolan. We got to speak with Monica briefly between her protest duties, and she reiterated for us that while she herself does not know Anita Monga, (the Castro's long-time programmer and the firing of whom ignited this controversy), she continues to fear that Monga's firing signals a change to more mainstream programming for the Castro.

castro 1.jpgWhile Anita Monga was not present, several other major players in the San Francisco arts and cinema community were there, including outgoing District 5 Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, Fred Nasser, the Castro's owner, (both pictured at left)and Balboa Theater owner and Landmark Theaters co-founder Gary Meyer.