Certainly, one of the cardinal rules of living in San Francisco is ... layer, layer, layer. You can't spend any time here without encountering the famous microclimate - beach weather on one block, a foggy Nor'Easter on the next.

But what if you don't have any layers? What if you just have one? That's where One Warm Coat comes in. Founded in San Francisco in 1992 by Lois Pavlow, One Warm Coat now operates nationally.

It's pretty simple, really. Just find a One Warm Coat drop bin, located all over the bay area, and put in a clean, new or used, warm coat. SFist loves charities where the name explains it all! The group that organized the pick up also chooses which organization to give the coats to. So you could even organize you own donation boxes, say at your office, and partner with a local service agency who knows how to give them to the best new homes.