Who knew there was so much money in tribute bands? Local Mick Jagger impersonator Rudy Columbini (he does kind of look like Mick, doesn't he?) has announced that he hopes to buy out a 18,000-square-foot residential hotel at Bush and Larkin in the 'loin and transform it into Music City, which he's envisioning will have 55 rehearsal rooms, a music school ("I will teach classes coming straight from the Mick Jagger school of performance,"), recording spaces, and a restaurant/club downstairs ("Like Johnny Rockets").

Columbini is also hoping he can start a music publishing company (unclear if it would also be run out of Music City), and is thinking about targeting the space to solo guitarists and metal drummers. Neighbors (scroll down) are worried about noise (the hotel already has 13 rehearsal rooms in the basement and is already pretty loud), but Mick/Rudy says he'll soundproof and that "it's the grooviest thing that ever happened to this infested little area. Who else is going to come to Bush and Polk and breathe energy and art and culture into it?" (what about A La Turca? Love that place!)

Rudy says that as he gets older and can't do Mick anymore (funny, Mick himself doesn't seem to have a problem with that), he wants to focus on building a music community instead of, presumably, singing Jumpin' Jack Flash all the time. He already owns 17 buildings in the city, including four boutique hotels. He's up before the Planning Committee today.