It's a sad truth that people who live in an area rarely sample their cities' local wonders. New Yorkers don't go to the Statue of Liberty, Los Angelenos don't walk down Hollywood Boulevard, and San Franciscans avoid the Fisherman's Wharf area.

But then we have visitors from out of town, and all of that changes. Last weekend, we took out Midwestern brother on the Alcatraz Night Tour. This costs a little more than the day tour, but it's totally worth it. You're out there on The Rock in the cold darkness, with the beautiful panorama of San Francisco just a frigid swim away. SFist was so taken with the tour that we were driven to proclain "Alcatraz in the daytime is for sissies!", but this was before we went to bed and had scary prison dreams all night long.

If we had had have more time to visit, we might have made reservations for The Vampire Tour of San Francisco. You'll get shown the sights by "Mina Harker, Vampress who was made by Count Dracula in London in 1897, and banished by him to the United States. Mina has resided on and under the streets of San Francisco for over 100 years. Hear her story, and learn how Vampires have played an important part in the shaping of San Francisco as we know it today." Since we can admit to an Anne Rice fondness throughout the 80s, we know this to be "true". Maybe when out goth cousin from Ohio comes to town.

And no Kurt Russell fan could pass up the SF Chinatown Ghost Tour. "Some say that specters from decades of Chinatown history emerge just after twilight. Follow along by lamplight as we journey through the neighborhood passageways where these lively spirits are said to bide their time." This actually sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Just watch out for David Lo Pan.

What are some things that you only do when you have folks in from elsewhere? Share with the rest of the class in the comments!