Hey! You! Did you just turn 18? Did you just move? Are you 20,000 loud? Are you going to vote or die? Well, here's your chance -- today's the last day to register for the November 2 election. Embrace your elderly, non-Urban-Outfitters-cool status and exercise your franchise rights!

This isn't just for the presidential election, of course -- send in those forms today and you San Franciscans can start up with the ranked-choice voting, and Berkeleyites can vote on legalizing prostitution. Oaksterdam has yet another proposition on medical marijuana, San Mateo votes on making the county nondiscriminatory and supporting public transportation, and Santa Clara County seems to have a lot of propositions about schools. Also, stem cell research, tribal casinos, and lots of other things about bonds (not Barry) for our state!

Pick up forms at your local library, DMV, city hall, post office, or download 'em online. SFist has seen forms at local record stores and bookstores and, geez, if you need one that bad, just ask us too -- we'll pick one up for you if it comes to that. It's gotta be either dropped off with your local county officials or mailed with today's postmark to count.

And yet another friendly reminder: it doesn't matter if you're registered if you forget to vote -- so mark November 2 down on your calendar (we're sure no one else is going to remind you about that for the next two weeks or anything), or vote absentee. If you're registered, you have until next Tuesday, October 26, to request an absentee ballot.