If you've been living under a rock for the last year, then you'll have no idea what we're talking about. But then we had enough trouble getting DSL in our home, so it must be hard to get it under a rock. Still, I'm sure they're delivering you the Chron whether you like it or not.

Anyway, the Fajitagate trials started today! Yeah! Finally, we locals have something to distract us from that soap opera in San Mateo. Pitting Jade Santoro and Adam Snyder against Matthew Tonsing and David Lee, this is the alleged event that took down a police department! SFist's favorite was during the anti-war demonstrations, when demonstrators would lock arms and chant "Please, don't beat us. We have no Fajitas." Even the cops got a chuckle out of that one.

Of course it's going to take for f**king ever. While they can rest assured that the jurors will empathize with their love of fajitas (I mean, who doesn't like fajitas?), getting drunk and beating up a dude with your friends and then having your friend's daddy let you off the hook looks really bad, even if it's just allegations. I mean, you were at the scene of the crime, and you were drunk, and you were police officers. Doesn't look good bros.

Stay tuned for continuing local coverage from your snarky news leader, SFist!