Mimi the pregnant toe-licking Japanese Chin dog has been found, wandering University Avenue in Palo Alto. Since being taken home, Mimi has mostly been hiding in a closet.

The City of San Jose rejected the request of Almaden Valley residents to allow humane leg traps to be used to capture the coyotes terrorizing small pets and children in the area. Neighborhood residents are displeased, animal rights advocates the opposite.

Records produced by Mabel Teng and the assessor's office on their hiring practices indicate that Teng loosened eligibility requirements in the office to allow her nephew and a campaign supporter to qualify for jobs as real estate evaluators in the assessor's office, even though neither person had previous real estate experience. (Her nephew previously ran a technology marketing company, and the supporter owned a pet store.) Teng also admitted she had been involved in the hiring decisions, contradicting previous statements.

...and talks are scheduled for tomorrow between hotel workers and management, with the assistance of a federal labor mediator. The workers have also agreed to keep the noise down in Nob Hill.