Tonight at Lisa Dent's gallery at 660 Mission will be a special viewing of the work of Hank Willis Thomas, local photographer and recent California College of the Arts MFA graduate. SFist has known Hank for over ten years, and can never do enough to represent him or his work. His cutting, morbid wit is reflected in his use of commercial imagery to explore violence, exploitation and appropriation in the Black community and the world at large. For those who can't afford one of his exquisite prints, help a brother out by purchasing one of his custom silk-screened t-shirts. SFist has one and we wear it whenever we get a chance.

If you want a nice full evening of new work, drop by 111 Minna on your way to the BART for the opening reception of featuring new work from David Benzler, Renos, Jonathan Runcio and Judd Vetrone. No cover and tunes spun by DJ Joisey Joel, DJ Rolex and others. It'll be open late if you feel like sticking around.

Hop the BART at Montgomery, get off at 16th and Mission, grab some grub and then wander over to the Cellspace at 18th and Bryant. There you'll find For the People, a collection of installations, painted walls and art done by an international group of street artists put on by Empte Eyes in affiliation with The list of artists runs over two dozen, so you know there'll be something for everyone. The event is meant to be a form of protest against the 2003 "Big Buff" of San Francisco by certain "Quality of Life" advocates. Sales to benefit street art documentary "Negative Spaces." Music by MHE and DJ Shane One will be bumpin' until midnight. Damn we love this city.

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