We here at SFist were totally going to blog this debate because blogging is, from what we hear, the new black, but since we were also playing the officially sanctioned Wonkette Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game we were too hammered by the fourth Halliburton reference to finish up. Plus, Jon Bon Jovi was on last night's episode of The Real World and who cares about politics when John Bon Jovi is all set to stop being polite and start getting real? So instead, we bring you this wrap-up.

Ever since John Kerry named John Edwards as his running mate, the Vice Presidential Debate has been the one that's had everyone foaming at the mouth. In terms of contrasting styles or politics, it doesn't get much more disparate than these two. On one side, we have cute and cuddly John Edwards and on the other side, we have doom and gloomy Lord Voldemort, err, we mean Dick Cheney. The big question going into the debate, of course, was who would win. Would the debate be like where the dashing John Edwards defeats the Evil Empire and sends Dick Cheney reeling into outer space? Or would the debate be like the Empire Strikes Back where Cheney gets to gloat over a victory while an already frozen-like John Kerry gets put into the deep freeze and John Edwards broods over not only a devastating defeat but the fact he's also in love with his twin-sister?

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