SFist is a little miffed. We were forwarded a tip by the beautiful Jessica Coen, currently busy being paid to blog for Gawker, to a rather funny local Craigslist post. We're miffed because, of course, Gawker doesn't write about San Francisco - we do!

Blonde, blue eyed homeless man! - w4m - 31 (mission district)

You were pushing a shopping cart: I was in my car on York Street. We smiled…I guess it’s not likely that you will see this, but just in case—you are inspiring…You looked so happy to be free of the bullshit that is rent and work. Buuut, if you ever do decide to find a “home” (whatever that means)… I would enjoy helping you move your stuff with my car.

As Sarah S., original tipster points out, "I don't know which is worse..the thought of someone wanting to make sweet, sweet love in a shopping cart..or the thought of said person thinking shopping cart is internet equipped." We couldn't agree more. But until Nick Denton decides to stop hating on The City, we're here to take all your catty, semi-libellous or absurd tips.