SFist wishes we had more time to tell you about movies this weekend, but our server is going down in 10 minutes! So, we want to encourage anyone out there who loves zombies (and isn't that really all of us?) to go see Shaun of the Dead at one of our Bay Area Metroplexes. We see a lot of similarities between this and another zombie classic, Dead Alive, so you know we gotta go and see if the hype is true.

And before the lights go out, we also want to suggest you check out the Liberation Drive-In pirate movie theater in downtown Oakland, which will be showing The Big Lebowski this Saturday night. Shomer f**king Shabbos indeed.

And they're playing the music, and the prompter is flashing the "wrap it up" light. What are you all going to see this weekend? Is The Forgotten as silly as it looks? Tell us all in the comments!