Well, it's about time! Assuaging his secret girlie-man worries that he's not a governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger finally got his personalized booby-trapped letter. With Schwarzenegger, now 19 governors have received letters addressed from the maximum-security Ely County prison in Nevada that are rigged with matches to catch on fire once they're opened. (The head of the Nevada prison system also received a letter). Well-esteemed governors such as Gary Locke of Washington, Mark Warner of Virginia, and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts had all received letters, so Schwarzenegger must have been waiting anxiously to see if he was considered a credible-enough head of state to warrant some mail.

Schwarzenegger's letter actually never made it to the State Capitol; it was intercepted and opened at a CHP building in Sacto. (The CHP handles security for state officials through its Office of Dignitary Protection). The letter flared when it was opened, but it didn't ignite.

Tasteless illustrative photo of the Governator engulfed in flames aside, SFist is glad no one was hurt. And SFist sends our regards to poor Gray Davis, who is also wishing in his heart of hearts that he was getting letters filled with matches too. (SFist misses the good governor Davis -- we loved his yahoo ad.)