SFist admits to having something of a nerd crush on Annalee Newitz. We've been reading her Techsploitation column in the Bay Guardian (also found on Alternet.org and in the San Jose Metro) religiously since we discovered it soon after arrival. So when we saw that she and Charlie Anders, author of "The Lazy Cross Dresser," had put together a general-interest magazine geared toward freaks and geeks, we were really excited.

That's right, Other magazine, published three times a year (for now, one would hope) is their answer to staid intellectual fodder like the New Yorker or Harpers. Issue five features articles with titles like "How Gay Marriage Ruined My Het Relationship," "Mock the Church" and "The Thing About Hinckley." We're beside ourselves. It sounds like an old nineties punk 'zine put together by real professionals, or a Vice magazine without the white supremacists. Um, excuse us while we head over to Valencia to pick one up at Dog Eared Books right now.