Well, it's that time again: The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the self-proclaimed Greatest Show on EarthTM, is coming to the Cow Palace tomorrow and staying until next Monday. Then it's on to Sacto for a weeklong run there. SFist hasn't been to RB&B&B since before we could coin our own acronyms. But circuses are hotter than ever -- right now in the area we also have (owing to its genealogy, the show might better be called Cirque du Cheval), which has gotten rave reviews locally. And circuses have gotten hotter in other ways: SFist just returned from Sin City, where we had second-row seats at Zumanity, quite a spicy show indeed (even despite the sight of our fiancée's boss in flagrante delicto with a blow-up doll not five feet away from us).

SFist is, of course, eager not only to highlight how things connect to us locally but also relish any chance we get to talk about fonts, so we're more than pleased to announce that an earlier version of RB&B&B's logo (see above), which was in use for two decades, was designed by none other than local type genius Jim Parkinson.

Oh, and that the producer of the circus, Kenneth Feld, is a member of our fiancée's old synagogue back in Maryland. OK, so maybe that's a stretch, but nothing compared to this.