The city of Bunol, Spain hosted its annual Tomatina festival on Wednesday. 20,000 drunken participants wore goggles {insert beer goggle joke here} in preparation for the onslaught of 130 flying tons of tomatoes. The festival started in 1944, when Dr. Paco Garces Sanchez and some friends tried to throw tomatoes into the trumpet of a passing musician. The following year they threw the tomatoes at balloons launched for Bunol's town fiesta. The year after that they didn't wait for something to throw them at---the friends threw them amongst themselves. The festival was then banned in 1948 after a government official was greeted by the tomatoes on Tomatina day. As a result, all of Bunol dressed in black, paraded to funeral marches, and convinced the mayor to reinstate the festival. Ever since, the town has been bombarded with a barrage of revelers from around the world....much to the dismay of some of Bunol's residents. One student from Bunol says of the tomatoes, "you have to squash them first so they don't hurt when they hit". According to a report from the festival costs the town nearly $60,450 every year. Hmmm...maybe they should use a cheaper vegetable instead?