One of SFist's favorite theater companies, Berkeley's Impact Theatre (full disclosure: one of us is heavily involved with the company, but we wouldn't be if the company weren't so damned good), launches its ninth season tonight with , a comedy that's been likened to the best sitcom about relationships you've never seen. It's apparently the show the "Friends" writers wish they could have written.

And every Thursday, including tonight, is pay-what-you-wish. You want to come for free? No sweat. You want to pay $5? No sweat. You want to pay $25? They'll kiss your feet.

Best of all, the show is performed in the basement of La Val's Pizza on the north side of the UC Berkeley campus, and you can bring your pizza and beer down into the theater during the show.

Here's the scoop from their postcard: "A comedy about men, women, and the Virgin-Whore complex. Nick loves Tessa. She’s a whore. He thinks she’s a virgin. Baby Boy loves Yvonne. She’s confused. He thinks she’s a whore. Jennifer loves Tommy. Tommy thinks she’s a whore. She tries to convince him she’s a virgin. And Lindsay? Well, in the immortal words of Tone-Loc, she gets paid to do the wild thing. Frankly sexual, bitingly honest, and shockingly funny, Fluffy Bunnies shoots an unforgiving look at misconceptions and game-playing." The show was a hit in Los Angeles (any of our LAist pals see it?), and this is the bay area debut.

The show runs through October 2, Thursdays-Saturdays, at 8pm.

Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies