So, you're saying that you want to see a movie in San Francisco this weekend, but you don't feel like braving the faux-Vegas splendor of The Metreon or the many many escalators of 1000 Van Ness? (Let's not even talk about the teenaged wasteland of the Kabuki 8.)

SFist is here to save the day. Where to begin?

Oh, yeah, you've still got a couple of days of Asian Film Festival to go at the 4 Star., which has been an awesome time. Ooh! Battlefield Baseball is playing on Sunday at 9:50 PM! We saw the trailer for this a jillion times during last year's horror film fest, and we were very intrigued.

We've got a good line-up at the Lumiere this weekend, too. We're particularly interested in Stander, the true story of cop/bank robber Andre Stander. Also playing at the Lumiere is a midnight show of Ichi the Killer, a crazy-violent yakuza movie. Wheee!

The Castro begins its tribute to Ingmar Bergman tonight with Wild Strawberries. The tribute runs until September 2, so you've got plenty of time to see all those movies you snoozed through in film school.

Finally, the Red Vic is showing Kill Bill 2 tonight and Saturday. Go see it again and tell us if you still think it wasn't as good as the first one. We dare you.