As Boston takes stock after the shock of the recent Democratic National Convention and New York braces for impact in preparation for the soon-to-hit RNC, SFist recalls that twenty years ago it was San Francisco's turn. The DNC descended into the depths the still young Moscone Center July 16 to 19, 1984, bringing with it such luminaries as Presidential nominee Walter Mondale, Vice Presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and New York State Governor Mario Cuomo. If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition" speech. If you know what's really good for you, you'll listen to Cuomo's "A Tale of Two Cities" keynote address.

Other than the speeches and a recap of labor conflict between Mayor Diane Feinstein and the City's cab drivers, there's a disappointingly small amount of historical information to be found online about the 1984 DNC. But if you really want to know more and you've got ten bucks you just can't seem to spend anywhere else no matter how hard you try, you can buy a really dry sounding book about the event here.

It should be noted that Mondale got creamed by Reagan that November.