Ever since SFist started bartending school, we have looked at bartenders a bit differently. We have always respected service professions after having worked plenty of them in the past. However, since we have been learning all about "bartender etiquette" in our classes, we hold our bartenders up to a much higher standard. Is "Thank you" after being given a tip so hard to eek out? Is a smile that tough to provide? Well, it isn't at Fly in the City's underrated Western Addition neighborhood. Fly is a cozy bar, located on the corner of Divisadero & Fulton streets. They mix fabulous sake cocktails. Our favorites are the appropriately named Sweet Georgia (yes, soy milk & sake DO mix well!), and Pink Ginger. Sangria, wine, and beer are also served. Another one of our favs is the Ace pear cider, served in a tall, 22-oz. glass. Whew! Fly does not serve hard alcohol, but that's ok with us. They make up for it in spades with a laid-back, cool atmosphere, a half-price Happy Hour from 3:30 pm-6:30 pm (beer & pizza), and even a "Thank You" and a smile. There's a pool table too!