12 years and 6487 albums after making a seminal appearance on MTV's "Sex in the 90s," Lou Barlow, performing as Sebadoh, returns to San Francisco for a night of indie rocking at Bottom of the Hill. Failing time and again to err on the side of caution, Barlow's expansive catalogue, under monikers Sebadoh, Sentridoh and Folk Implosion frankly contains more misses than hits. But the one-time Dinosaur Jr member has at least 60 minutes of jangly emotional pop hits in him (notably "Soul and Fire" from Bubble and Scrape and "Natural One" from the KIDS soundtrack), so let's hope he sticks to the winners tonight.

Also in the hyper-prolific aging indie rockstar department, careening boozy rock gods Guided By Voices recently announced they were calling it quits after what can only be described as forever. More so than the aforementioned mid-90s partners in 4-track crime, GBV were able to wring every conceivable ounce of pop joy out of 54 seconds of tape hiss recorded in an Ohio basement by a bunch of 40 year olds. They will be missed. Their farewell tour wheels through town in September.