Kind of old news, but H&M, the budget Swedish clothier, recently announced that it will be bringing its Eurotrashy-trendy styles to San Francisco early next year. H&M does brisk business on the East Coast -- even Chloe Sevigny (of Brown Bunny fame) loves H&M – and everyone knew H&M was coming out to the West Coast, but it was just a question of whether they’d get to here or LA first. Ha! Take that, City of Angels! Old Navy and Forever 21 can't be too pleased at the encroachment on their previous lock grip on the poorly-made and potentially-sweatshop-employing, but-so-affordably-priced low end clothing market, but SFist for one is eagerly looking forward to the day where we can play our ABBA and Roxette in our IKEA-furnished apartment, wearing our H&M duds and eating our lutefisk.